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Now, as a successful firm, of course your objective is to hire the most qualified employees you can possibly find on the market.  Unfortunately, so does your competition.  So, how do you ensure to bring aboard your company only top notch candidates?  How do you recruit top talent before your competitor does?  That’s when a strong executive search & staffing agency like KDS Staffing comes into play.

Recession’s Impact

Once the economy started to look up again, things changed in the recruiting world.  More than ever, it became more of a challenge to snatch great candidates from competitors.  Recruiting agencies are working harder to find top talent and then selling them away from their current firm.  One very important factor is compensation.  Better candidates tend to require better salaries.  This is just a reality we all have to live with.

Rely on your agency

Selecting the right recruiting agency is more crucial than ever if you want your firm to successful in finding these rare pearls that your firm requires to grow and thrive.  Since agencies have access to large networks and databases, they are able to quickly and more effectively bring in the best candidates for interviews, while matching to your needs. The right recruiting firm can many time, through keeping in contact with candidate, be on top the current wants and need of a particular candidate you may already have in mind for your firm.  Employed candidates are not necessary out of reach, when offered the right opportunity and the right salary.

At KDS Staffing, we spent a time analyzing the salary and benefits your competitors are offering for a similar position.  This put us in a position to know what it will take to retain top talent and be in a position to discuss any compensation adjustments that may be needed in order to  hire and retain an excellent candidate.  A staffing agency is constantly keeping itself up to date on the influential factors to consider when hiring at the time being.  Take the first steps to beat the completion: hiring the best candidates.

David Klein is a leading Executive IT Recruiter & Headhunter with over 15 years industry experience.  As Manager of Recruitment Strategy for KDS Staffing, Inc., he has achieved industry-leading success. David has successfully led, trained and introduced many in the art of Executive Recruitment and Headhunting. If you or your organization would like to discuss hiring needs, contact David at 646-650-2833 or david@kdsstaffing.com.