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How to Politely Say No

It is natural to want to help, especially if it can help you professionally. However, saying yes to more work can increase your workload to an unreasonable or unmanageable level. When this happens, stress increases, productivity decreases, and burnout can be imminent. In this article, we address how to respectfully reply to requests to do more. Burnout can occur as a result of a simple three letter word - Yes. [...]

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How to Become More Organized

An organized workspace is a productive workspace. It is proven that visual clutter can negatively affect productivity. Creating a more productive work environment does not require complicated systems or expensive tools. All you really need is a pad of paper to keep you on task and help to remind you of your goal to foster more productive habits. The first step to creating a more organized and productive mindset is [...]

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Are You at Risk for Burnout?

Many have experienced Monday morning blues. But, have you ever experienced a case of the “Sundays”? It is that feeling of dread that creeps in on Sunday afternoons and threatens to sabotage the remainder of the weekend. If so, you are at risk for burnout. Keep reading to learn the warning signs of burnout. Everyone has a bad day here or there, maybe even a bad week. When there are [...]

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How to Support Your Teams Personally and Professionally

Professional development is one of the best and cost-effective ways to retain top talent. Organizations that invest in their employees’ knowledge and skills have higher retention rates than those who do not provide these types of opportunities. There are conferences and mentoring programs available for nearly every position in every industry. If there is not a physical conference to attend, there are virtual summits and training available. These are great [...]

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How to be More Productive

Everyone wants to be more productive, both at the office and at home. Despite technology that was billed as the cure for our productivity ails, people tend to have an illusion of what makes one productive and they mistakenly function within that illusion, as opposed to understanding and, therefore, functioning within the reality of what makes one truly productive. Every week there is a new tool that will guarantee to [...]

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Two Big Ideas on Talent Management

The first step to a great talent management plan is a great hiring plan. There are so many nuances to a hiring plan that it would be impossible to go into detail here. As it is related to retention, there are a few aspects that should be considered when hiring. When reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, look at talent for their experience, not their pedigree. Just because someone attended an [...]

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