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The wonders of nature on your productivity at work

Perhaps, many times you have found necessary to get up in the middle of the afternoon from your work desk and grab a coffee or a chocolate bar.  It is possible that actually, you are only dragging in the mornings but could stay up all night as needed to work.  Either way, your body is letting you know what schedule works the best.  These physical warnings are part of what [...]

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The High Cost of Employee Turnover

When an employee leaves, regardless of the departure are voluntarily or not, the organization loses four important things: • Skills, experience, and leadership • Trust and respect of their colleagues • Confidence in the abilities within the role • Consistent, measurable results It is the loss of these key areas that factor into the high cost of turnover. Other costs include: • Lost production before and after the employee’s departure [...]

How to Communicate Without Saying a Word

Leading with communication involves more than written and spoken words. It includes communicating with great body language. Mastering body language is a crucial skill that can mean the difference between being perceived as a caring and engaged leader or a toxic boss. Body Language Mastery Body language can speak volumes about a person. Learning to master your body language and effectively reading another’s body language is the key to all [...]

Leading with Great Communication

Toxic bosses are one of the most common reasons people leave companies. These managers tend to be viewed as self-oriented, stubborn, overly demanding, impulsive, and interruptive. In addition to impacting retention, working for a bad boss increases the chance of a heart attack by fifty percent. Sixty-five percent of managers admit that they need to work on their leadership skills. Great communication skills can help many issues between leaders and [...]

Master Email Communication

Approximately 205 billion emails are sent every day. Email has quickly taken the place of formal business letters, memos, and face-to-face communication. The sheer volume of email that the average person receives daily can cause important messages to get lost or even misconstrued if the recipient does not read them carefully. Learning how to effectively communicate using email is crucial for everyone. Any email sent from your work email address [...]

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Is Employee Loyalty Dead?

Is Employee Loyalty Dead?  Until the 1980s and 1990s, there was a culture of hard work. If a team member was dedicated, trustworthy, and reliable, they were rewarded with job security. It was not unheard of to begin your career at the bottom of an organization and work your way up the corporate ladder until you were ready for retirement from that same company. Hearing of a successful person switching [...]

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