Process-driven for unparalleled results.  Every time.

Our recruitment team and client managers adhere to a meticulous, multi-level search and qualification process to ensure the right fit for our clients’ needs, as well as a smooth transition from candidate to hire:

    • DEEP-DIVE INTAKE:   Thoroughly defining the position requirements, roles and responsibilities, benefits, compensation, culture, team dynamic and other “intangibles” which make the difference between a “good fit” and the “right fit”.
    • ACTION PLAN:   Outlining a customized search strategy to identify the 10-20 most probable candidates, followed by a dedicated, multi-tiered outreach campaign
    • QUALIFICATION:   A rigorous pre-interview and qualification method that includes assessing relevant skills, backgrounds, career objectives, motivations and timelines, as well as hot buttons and red flags
    • FACILITATION:   Interview process management, from submitting qualified candidates through post-interview briefings
    • PRE-OFFER PREPARATION:   Including confirming compensation requirements, start dates, offers and acceptance logistics
    • OFFER PRESENTATION:   Presenting offers to candidates, including compensation (bonus, commission structure) benefits, titles and start dates
    • NEGOTIATION MANAGEMENT:   Negotiating and securing final agreements, keeping the interests of both clients and candidates in mind
    • TRANSITION MANAGEMENT:  Obtaining formal offer acceptances, and managing resignations and exit strategies
    • INTEGRATION:   Tracking resignation progress and helping candidates successfully integrate into their new environments

Recruitment programs to meet your specific needs

Contract Staffing/Staff Augmentation:

Hiring independent contractors is an effective, highly flexible alternative to full-time staffing. Contractors provide immediate results, specialized skills, reduced liability and flexibility. Contract staffing often evolves into a “try-and-buy” situation, where clients, after having worked with the consultant for a period of time, develop a comfort level and conclude they would make an ideal permanent addition to the company. Contractors remain on the KDS payroll until converting to a permanent role or the contract expires.

Exclusive Search:

This model means that only KDS will supply candidates for the open requirement; the search is not farmed out to multiple agencies. This search demonstrates client commitment, which enables KDS to dedicate significant resources and the time required to quickly find the ideal candidate. There is a common misconception that having multiple recruiting agencies working on an assignment is in the company’s best interest, but this can work against their goals.

Retained Search:

Retained Search is a confidential and dedicated approach, which guarantees results. Retained Search requires an up-front deposit, which binds KDS to finding the ideal candidate. Retained Search positions are always a top priority with ensured success, making it a viable option for clients, with no downside.

We help top-tier Candidates secure the job of a lifetime

KDS maintains significant partnerships with leading employers who are actively searching for the right talent, which is why were successful in helping professionals discover their next great career move.

Our Client Development team continually builds relationships with leading employers to offer the rewarding job opportunities that enable our candidates to progress in their careers. We only match candidates to the roles they are passionate about pursuing, and who accurately meet the criteria of our clients.

With KDS, candidates gain access to over 2,000 active positions and companies, plus our proprietary network of over 400 CEO’s across the country:

  • Search for your ideal position and apply directly through our website
  • If you do not find what you are looking for, email your resume to  and one of our seasoned recruiters will connect with you

Throughout the interview process, KDS provides valuable market intelligence, resume writing, expert interview preparation, and other key areas of coaching and guidance. We also ensure that resumes, employment background and experience are presented in a highly professional, clear and concise format.

Confidentiality: All resumes are confidential. KDS maintains a strict policy of never submitting a resume to any client without first obtaining the candidate’s approval.

Fees: We are engaged by the employer, so there is no cost to our candidates.

Protection of Privacy: Our secure database is accessible only to our professional career consultants.

Interviewing: We prepare candidates extensively prior to interviews, including resume review, interview preparation, exit strategy guidance, and how to transition gracefully to the next career chapter, without burning any professional bridges.

Getting Started: To apply for positions listed on the KDS website, simply submit your Resumes/CV by clicking APPLY.

To be considered for future positions, please email your resume in MS Word format to