Here’s what Clients and Candidates have to say about KDS

“I had the opportunity to work with KDS at a time when my firm needed to quickly fill a number of important positions with highly technical resources. KDS’s approach was simply better than any other staffing firm we had engaged. Beyond establishing the technical requirements of the roles we had open, KDS sought to understand our corporate culture, and what characteristics made for successful hires and happy employees for the long term.

Using their approach, and working with them to fine tune it based upon feedback from candidates KDS referred to us, they produced a consistent and steady stream of top quality candidates, all of which were suitable for hire. We quickly went from having too many positions to fill, to having too many good candidates and not enough positions to put them all into, which was a great “problem” to have! The candidates referred to us by KDS have gone on to become key contributors, and in some cases managers within the firm.”

Dylan O. (Chief Technology Officer)

“Our firm has been working with KDS over the last year with great success. The team at KDS has taken the time to understand our business, our culture and our recruiting needs which has resulted in very high quality candidates placement across a spectrum of tough to find positions. KDS’ specialization in the Salesforce ecosystem has made all the difference for us in finding and on-boarding A-player talent. Further to our confidence in KDS, we asked the KDS team to provide full RPO services for us, running our internal talent acquisition engine and process, including working with our other external recruiting agency partners. The KDS team has helped us double the size of our business over the last 12 months! 

Jim E. (Chief Operating Officer)

“I have worked with KDS to staff several positions in various markets around the country and have been very pleased with their ability to find very qualified individuals that were not only technically proficient, but that matched our organization and culture. KDS takes the time to understand both the skill set required and the role within the larger team to find and present the best candidates. I would highly recommend the KDS team.”

Sam B.  (Executive Director – Information Technology)

“We have been working with KDS with great success. The principals pay great attention to details including their how they service their clients. The professionals at KDS are constantly refining the interaction on a given search, which they understand can be unique compared to previous or similar searches. Their investment in determining the cultural, workplace and technical situation demonstrates their understanding of the overall requirements of recruiting.

This client-centric approach translates into two critical business results:

  1. Greater success rate in identifying a small but completely qualified set of candidates
  2. Reduced time and effort expended to interview, select and hire the right candidate

In addition, my business relationship with their CEO David Klein extends beyond his founding of KDS. While running another company, I worked with David to hire candidates that my internal recruiting team was unable to fulfill on a timely basis. His efforts helped us grow the business by overcoming constraints with our internal organization.”

Jeff W. (CEO)

“In regards to our most recent KDS hire, I must share that he is a very positive presence to be around.  His enthusiastic energy and intelligence is a truly great addition and fit with our team. I remember when we originally spoke about how important a “cultural fit” was for the right candidate – in addition to the right skills and experience – and in him we have it all.” 

Lauren K. (CEO)

“KDS recruited me for project work with a top company. Their professionalism, knowledge of the industry, and passion for connecting people and organizations made the process seamless and enjoyable. KDS worked fast and made every effort to connect me with the right work environment. I found them to be knowledgeable of both the recruiting business and their clients. KDS is great to work with and should be on everyone’s list of top agencies for staffing.”

Pulkit K. (Vice President)

“Technology can be a dry and cold place.  However, the KDS team have been an exception and a pleasure to work with.   I have been in the IT Technology industry for over 35 years and the recruiting companies and staff members I have encountered are many.

Beyond connecting the worker to a position, KDS has always gone the extra mile to make the transition and the time onboard painless and pleasant. Even after the placement has occurred, KDS is there to lend a hand with smoothing the transition to the new position.  With no hesitation I can tell you that using KDS for job placements is a recommendation which I can make with no trepidation whatsoever.”

Howard B.

“I am extremely thankful for your willingness to take time out of your busy schedules to help me reconnect and network throughout Rochester and the surrounding area.  You have inspired me, as I look ahead, to pay it forward in the same selfless and enthusiastic way you have shown to me.  And in many cases, for someone you have just met.  Thank you for your introductions and the trust you have in me as you leveraged your networks and favors on my behalf.

I wish you all the very best and will be in touch for sure.”

Jeff M.

 “I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much of a pleasure it’s been working with KDS. You are top of your game and empathetic – and a true consultative partner to candidates (and clients) in order to secure the right fit on both ends. You kept me informed, always made yourselves available and responsive, and helped ease some of the stress that goes into the job search.

 I look forward to working with you again.”

Neil S.

“The KDS team worked with me to quickly find a new position that fit my skill set and career path. They made sure that the position I accepted was the right choice for me, and helped me to get a great salary, bonus and benefits package. Great communications with them made whole interview and offer negotiations go very smoothly. They were personable and professional, it was a great pleasure working with them. I would highly recommend KDS.”

Rudy R.

“The KDS team are hard working, detail oriented and professional. They quickly found a great position for me and guided me through the entire hiring process. I would highly recommend KDS to anyone looking for a new position.”

Tetyana D.

“I had a great experience working with KDS, and would highly recommend them for their drive, determination, and dedication in pursuit of great opportunities for their clients. KDS was instrumental in helping me take the next step in my career by finding a position at T. Rowe Price, which was an ideal fit for me.  KDS’s hard work and dedication was crucial in following through on this opportunity.”

Alex S.

“Working with KDS team was a great experience.  They are more like career coaches than recruiters.  I expect we will remain in contact for a long time.  I would send anyone I know to them.  Thank you again for introducing me to your client.  You made the interview and acceptance process a good learning experience. “

Jordan D.

“I wanted to thank KDS  for helping me find the next big move in my career.  I am now working for a highly regarded firm that has led to both personal and professional growth.

KDS went above and beyond in every aspect, from explaining the opportunity, helping me with my resume, to thoroughly addressing all questions and concerns.   I eagerly refer them to friends and past co-workers, who might be looking for a career move.”

Franklin A. (Systems Engineer)