Take time to play advice on a napkin with a cup of coffee – work life balance concept


Don’t be too alarmed if you do feel off balance sometimes, at last; you are quite normal.  Things can’t always go your way and you will inevitably work too much or be the sole kids care taker for a while depending on what’s going on in your life or your partner’s life for example.  However, please remember that you should thrive to adjust your work/life balance as soon as possible, so you don’t start entertaining chronic bad habits.  If you ignore the signs, it could cause to get burn out or develop some serious illnesses, do not wait until it is too late.

That’s right don’t let imbalance sneak up on you and crawl into your life like unwanted bugs in your house or additional files your boss keeps stacking on your desk.  You should be able to recognize what might trigger a life imbalance in your situation and avoid it all together or beware of that event that might disturb your life for a while, but manage it carefully.  Aiming for a balanced life should always be on your radar.

For example, if you are offered a promotion, chances are you are going to have to put in more time for training, learning the employees on your team, possibly just moving from one office to another.  Now, this transition requiring additional working hours is quite expected, but what you should avoid is turning this transition period into a chronic work /life imbalance. Don’t let this great new career event take over your whole life because in the blink of an eye it can.  Weeks, months or years can pass by until you realize you have been staying late every single day at the office and missed your daughter’s first piano recital, all your son’s baseball games and more.

Yes, your family and friends will certainly notice and more likely let you know that they worry about how much you work or how absent from home you are.  What is equally important is for you to be able to identify and measure this imbalance, to cure it as soon possible.

You normally will feel emotionally and physically disturbed by these life changes, but you need to seriously think about doing things different if you are experimenting any of the following symptoms: trouble sleeping, sudden weight gain or weight loss, constant tensions in the relationships you normally cherish the most or even simply a mental exhaustion or extreme fatigue.

Learn to measure your life balance by the way you feel overall physically and emotionally.  Your well-being and your family life certainly deserve as much attention as your blossoming career.  Learn to be in touch with yourself truly and if you do get off track, just readjust and keep on going…

Michael Klein is a premier writer and speaker on all aspects of human capital.  As VP Operations for KDS Staffing, Inc., he has achieved industry-leading success. Michael was awarded, The New York State Small Business Growth Award; presented by Governor George Pataki.  Additionally, Michael has successfully grown and sold multiple firms. If you or your organization would like to discuss hiring needs, contact Michael at 646-350-3015 or michael@kdsstaffing.com

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