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Balancing work and life is essential for everyone and that’s why you will continue to hear about the subject and that’s why we judged it was crucial to give you additional tips to achieve this life balance.

First, to improve the way, you manage your life, you must spend time analyzing what you are currently doing.  Think about what’s working and what’s not working so well when it comes to your schedule, your time management.  Everyone can benefit from this exercise.  Even if your agenda is all planned by your secretary or if as a stay home mother, your children have you running in all directions every day, there is always room for improvement.  That’s right, no matter what your career you have chosen, your work/life balance is what you should aim for.

To efficiently look at your schedule, it’s very helpful to write down your activities for about a week, so you can identify areas of improvement.  You could also choose to enter your data electronically if that is an easier way for you to look at your schedule.  The time you spend at work will occupy a significant portion of your overall schedule.  It is mandatory to be honest with yourself and truly write down the hours or percentages you spend away from home, so you can work towards your goal: recreating this work/life balance.

Once you have a clear picture of your current situation, you should adjust the time you are spending with your loved ones, exercising, gardening, golfing, cooking or any other activities you want to start prioritizing over work.  Think about the activities you keep sacrificing because you work too much, start including them again on your schedule, or including them more often.  Remember that there is no unique schedule that will fit everyone.  However, with some practice and will power, you can change your life schedule around so it becomes more balanced.  Also, it is super important that you do learn to keep your work issues at work and your personal issues at home.  This way you will be more efficient at your job and less absent minded when you are home.

Once you have allocated the right number of hours to spend at work, at home, with your kids, friends and partner, then it’s time to review your new schedule.  Look at it closely and make sure you did not overload yourself.  Most likely you did, we all do.  Make sure you do allow yourself enough time to commute between home and work, and calculate also your breaks, your sleeping hours and your “me time” spent reading in the bathroom or relaxing with your morning coffee.

Remember that although it is honorable to always perform your best at work and do the most with your life, one person can do so much in 24 hours.  Don’t beat yourself up if there are a few things that do not get done as planned.  Most firms will pile up work on you and will have extremely grand expectations about your work performance.  Of course, you do want to meet their requirements, but it should be without reason and avoiding burning yourself out is in everyone’s best interest.

Remind yourself and your boss if necessary, that you need to walk away from your desk a few times a day and you need that lunch hour because you either like to meet a friend or go to the gym to workout.  Including exercise in your schedule is indeed one of the biggest improvement you could do in your life if you have not already.  It will help you clear your mind and keep some serious diseases away, such heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Achieving your own and personalized work/life balance is possible.  Acknowledge, plan and execute.  You can do it.  Be patient and ask your loved ones their support and their patience as well.

Michael Klein is a premier writer and speaker on all aspects of human capital.  As VP Operations for KDS Staffing, Inc., he has achieved industry-leading success. Michael was awarded, The New York State Small Business Growth Award; presented by Governor George Pataki.  Additionally, Michael has successfully grown and sold multiple firms. If you or your organization would like to discuss hiring needs, contact Michael at 646-350-3015 or michael@kdsstaffing.com

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