At KDS Staffing, we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect candidate. Sometimes, it may seem as though there simply are not enough people with the experience, dedication and skills to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. You may be tempted to settle for less than you really want and need, simply because of a pressing need within your company and an apparent dearth of available talent. However, hiring the wrong person can be deadly for your business. According to The Harvard Business Review, bad hiring decisions are responsible for up to 80% of employee turnover.

Mistakes Cost Money

The true cost of hiring the wrong person for the job can be extremely high. Between the time spent interviewing, training, fixing mistakes and any costs incurred by them, then starting the interview process all over again in order to find the right candidate, you can lose a lot of valuable time and money. Depending on how high up the company ladder the terminated employee was, you could stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more.

What About Placing Ads?

This is not an effective hiring strategy. By limiting yourself to placing ads, you will inevitably be choosing from a pool of “B” candidates.  The kind of person you want, the “A” player, is what’s known as a “passive” candidate. These top level players are typically happy, productive, and valued in their current position, and therefore not looking at nor likely to answer any ads. This is where we come in; we know where these sought after professionals are, and how to recruit them.

Connections Make a Difference

KDS Staffing understands the importance of matching the right candidate with the right position, and we’re very good at accomplishing that. With our unique database and powerful network of millions of people, KDS Staffing has the resources to deliver exactly what you need.  Our searches produce “A-level” candidates, and significantly reduce the chances you’ll hire someone who is not a good fit.

We know job satisfaction is paramount to a candidate delivering above-average performance, maintaining a good working relationship with an employer, and actually looking forward to going to work each day. Give us a call today, and let KDS Staffing save you irreplaceable time and money by helping you avoid the high cost of making a bad hiring decision.

David Klein is a leading Executive IT Recruiter & Headhunter with over 15 years industry experience.  As Manager of Recruitment Strategy for KDS Staffing, Inc., he has achieved industry-leading success. David has successfully led, trained and introduced many in the art of Executive Recruitment and Headhunting. If you or your organization would like to discuss hiring needs, contact David at 646-650-2833 or david@kdsstaffing.com.