To avoid any unnecessary stress, it is rather important that your organization try to find the right candidate sooner than later. Finding a new member who will seamlessly become part of your team can be quite a challenge, but not impossible.  Let’s explore together how you can make this happen efficiently.

Your organization’s culture is what matters

Sure you can be lucky enough to find extremely competent candidate but it does not mean unfortunately that they will all fit your cultural organization.  So, think ahead, please.  First of all, make sure you do have a clear understanding of what your culture is and then observe well.

When interviewing, you should not pay too much attention to your interview outfit, or obvious charm or perfect fit for your firm on paper.  Be certain to explore many subjects with the future candidate during the interview so you can have a better idea of the type of worker they are and if they will blend well with your existing team.

The candidate’s goals and motivation

Because an individual can physically and intellectually perform the job, meeting the minimum requirements, does not mean that you will hire a great cultural fit for your organization.  It takes a little more than that.  A good way to determine if the candidate is a good choice, is to have a deeper chat with that person and understand what are their expectations and long term goals.  You will soon enough realize if that fits or not what you can offer them and what they can offer you.

Facilitate their integration

Once you are confident in your candidate choice, it is time to help this newcomer fit in.  Make sure the team whom the candidate belongs to is welcoming him or her accordingly and does not discriminate or alienate.  On the other hand, also check with your trusted prior team members how is the new employee doing and how much effort they are making to be part of the crew.  This integration should go both ways and as a supervisor, you should facilitate it and make any needed changes accordingly.

Home away from home

Because you and your team members spend some much time in the office, you soon become like family in most cases.  That’s why it is so beneficial to get along and ensure that everyone feels comfortable and appreciated, like they should.  Adjustments will always be needed along the way, but the general work atmosphere, should be peaceful and respectful.

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