Contract Staffing/Staff Augmentation:

Hiring independent contractors is an effective, highly flexible alternative to full-time staffing. Contractors provide immediate results, specialized skills, reduced liability and flexibility. Contract staffing often evolves into a “try-and-buy” situation, where clients, after having worked with the consultant for a period of time, develop a comfort level and conclude they would make an ideal permanent addition to the company. Contractors remain on the KDS payroll until converting to a permanent role or the contract expires.



Exclusive Search:

This model means that only KDS will supply candidates for the open requirement; the search is not farmed out to multiple agencies. This search demonstrates client commitment, which enables KDS to dedicate significant resources and the time required to quickly find the ideal candidate. There is a common misconception that having multiple recruiting agencies working on an assignment is in the company’s best interest, but this can work against their goals.


Retained Search:

Retained Search is a confidential and dedicated approach, which guarantees results. Retained Search requires an up-front deposit, which binds KDS to finding the ideal candidate. Retained Search positions are always a top priority with ensured success, making it a viable option for clients, with no downside.