What we do

Founded in 2009 – KDS is a white-glove Executive Search and Contract Talent Recruitment Firm. Employers benefit from our extensive pipeline of vetted talent and best-in-class research/recruitment professionals– yielding 4 to 1 placement ratio and 98% new Client return rate.

Looking to Hire?

With full immersion on every search, KDS partners with CEOs, Hiring Managers and other stake holders at leading companies across the U.S., and determines/executes the best headhunting and recruitment practices for their specific business and role.

Job Seekers

KDS maintains significant partnerships with multiple Industry leaders who are actively searching for the right talent, which is why were succeed in helping high caliber professionals achieve their next great career move.

We deliver the talent critical to your company’s success.

KDS Strategic Search Group is a premier Executive Recruitment and Contract Talent Solutions Firm.

When working with KDS, clients benefit from our extensive database and network of best-in-class search and client management professionals. We focus on providing our clients with exceptional talent, and our candidates with the career opportunities of a lifetime.

Clients of KDS quickly come to appreciate that our experience and deep understanding of their hiring and position requirements not only makes us the strongest appraisers of talent, but also highly respected by the candidates we recruit. Helping clients build long-term success is a cornerstone of KDS. In fact, our very first clients have become long-standing partners who continue to contract our services and remain some of our strongest relationships to date.

From facilities management to C-suite leadership, we understand that every hire is critical to your success.

Which is why we give each search engagement the priority and personalized attention required to deliver outstanding results you need.

All candidates are rigorously qualified and expertly vetted through our extensive, multi-level screening process, resulting in a carefully curated pool of top passive and active candidates who possess the specific mix of skills and experience for our clients’ precise needs. But our process doesn’t end there: the time and energy we dedicate to evaluating and matching those candidates’ soft skills is what makes the difference between an on-paper fit and the ideal fit for the job and company culture.

At KDS, it’s our mission to connect our world-class employers with the best and brightest talent in their respective industries. We provide our clients with nothing less than the highest level of attention and service, and grow with them for continued, mutually beneficial success, all while helping employees and candidates achieve successful and satisfying careers.

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