IT priorities change…and quickly…

In IT, priorities are constantly changing, budgets get reduced, and putting out fires can be a daily occurrence. Yet, managers are always required to get work done on time and within budget.

In light of this certainty; Contract Staffing offers a viable solution

Hiring independent contractors (“Staff Augmentation”) is an effective, highly flexible alternative to full-time staffing.  Contractors provide immediate results, specialized skills, reduced liability and flexibility.  Often, contract staffing evolves into a “try-and-buy” situation, where clients, after having worked with the consultant for a period of time, develop a comfort level and conclude they would make an excellent, permanent addition to the company. Contractors remain on the KDS payroll until such time as they converted to permanent roles or the contract has ended.

We take a strategic approach to contract staffing. We evaluate the current hiring needs and prepare recruiting strategies, all designed to ensure quick access to technology consultants with the required skills and experience.  If you need quick, effective, on-point contract staffing, call us.